About Pure Life Works


PURE LIFE WORKS is an outdoor maintenance company proudly serving home and business owners in North London (Ontario). Designed to assist homeowners with their outdoor lawn and landscaping needs throughout the spring, summer, and fall seasons, clients rely on PURE LIFE WORKS to keep their property clean and well maintained. Efficient, hard working, reliable, and affordable, PURE LIFE WORKS combines the principles of good business to produce high quality and appreciated work.

In spanish, “pure life” translates as “pura vida” – a popular slogan used by Costa Ricans to greet others, show appreciation, and give thanks.

PURE LIFE WORKS embodies what ‘pura vida’ aims to communicate. We greet our clients with a smile so they always know how much we appreciate their preference in choosing us for their desired maintenance services (the ‘works’ part of our title). We believe a little personality goes a long way, and we strive to build lasting business relationships with our clients. In addition to meeting your needs, we may also have you saying ‘pura vida!’ in no time!


NEW! PURE LIFE WORKS has teamed up with Bullfrog Insurance to promote liability coverage for small business owners.


As a fully-insured corporation, PURE LIFE WORKS is proud to support the cause.

Following a photoshoot and interview to fuel a campaign that is scheduled to run from October 31st 2016 to December 31st 2016, customers can now:


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Lawn Cutting, Lawn Trimming, & Lawn Debris Blowing Services

Our LAWN CARE WORKS program runs between May and October (depending on the weather) each year. The program is designed to take care of homeowners’ lawn cutting needs throughout the duration of the spring, summer, and fall seasons (requests from summer vacationers looking for lawn care service to be provided during only a portion of the season are welcomed). Our LAWN CARE WORKS program’s regular lawn care service includes front and back property cutting, trimming of the lawn around property edges, and blowing of the property to leave homeowners with a tidy driveway/porch in addition to a freshly-cut lawn.



Spring & Fall Clean-Ups, Bush/Hedge Trimming/Pruning, Lawn Aeration, Lawn Overseeding, Lawn Fertilizing, Anti-Weed Fabric & Soil/Mulch/Stone Garden Bed Application, Garden Bed Edging, Flower/Shrub/Tree Planting, and Additional Outdoor Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance Services

Our LANDSCAPING WORKS program runs between May and October (depending on the weather) each year. The program is designed to provide home and business owners with assistance with their outdoor property throughout the duration of the lawn care season. The program is designed to take care of homeowners’ additional lawn care and landscaping needs beyond routine lawn cutting (landscaping requests from non-Lawn Care Works program clients are welcomed). Our LANDSCAPING WORKS program offers a wide variety of outdoor services to help clean-up and/or maintain your property’s landscaping image, flexible service scheduling, affordable rates, and service with a smile!